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Work With Rose


Justin Geibler, Bachelor of Psychology

Rose is excellent at what she does. She is kind and the session feels and flows naturally. We were able to cover a myriad of areas in my life. She connected to a couple of people that have passed on and gave me some insight into some of my medical conditions as well as career. I really resonated with each piece of information and the natal chart reading was spot-on. Without a doubt five stars and I highly recommend. Thank you Rose.

Marie El, Photographer

I had an Amazing reading with Rose. Her astrological interpretations confirmed things I Knew deep inside of me. She picked up on things in my energy field that made me understand myself much more. The reading  shifted something within me. The days after I made a Big life change that I am still Benefiting from. There were so many things that Rose talked about in the reading that Came up later in my life and it makes me feel really like I am on the right path. The time spent with her was so so beautiful and nourishing for my soul. Rose has a wonderful and powerful presence and is so intuitive and fun to be around. I love you Rose. And I would recommend a reading to anyone looking for more insights about their life, energy, personality, relationships :)

Penny Fantigrossi

First off, Rose is such a sweet soul.

When we first met she connected with all of my family members who had passed and not only described them to a T but named them by name and conveyed their messages for me. It was emotional. She saw a specific family member in church and that really touched me. It was so amazing to see her in the flow and the truth flowing back at you- somewhat overwhelming me in the process.

I also love Rose because of her genuine interest in helping people. She is very real and even vulnerable at times, as well, which creates a bond which is more friendship and less "client". The sense of connection changes the energy in a meaningful and positive way. At the same time, Rose was able to help on a deep level and know things about my family and my life which she wouldn't know since outside of the spiritual realm we live states away and have never discussed our pasts, present or future per say- except during sessions in relation to what is told to her. Proof to the skeptics that her messages are from the Divine and not a Facebook search or conversation.

Thank you to your guides/Angels and to you, Rose. I thank you for the opportunity to return for more clarity and growth in the future. Thank you for making yourself present and available to do this work.

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