Weekly Astrology for the collective

Monday - August 16th

Monday Venus the planet of love, beauty, and kinship, enters the sign of diplomatic Libra.

The Moon enters Sagittarius into a square with Mars in the sign of Virgo, getting the collective geared

toward an optimistic and productive week ahead. This week until Sunday, the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Neptune will all be in their home signs. This can be a powerful week with few setbacks.

Tuesday - August 17th

Tuesday the moon squares dreamy Neptune and creates a personal day for renewed spiritual energy. The Moon also trines the Leo Sun and sextiles Jupiter. What an expansive day!

Wednesday - August 18th

Wednesday the Moon enters Capricorn. This is a great day to plan ahead and get the ball rolling on anything unfinished. The conjunction to Mercury and Mars creates uplifting vibes, causing a sense of motivation.

Thursday - August 19th

The Moon today is conjunct power driven Pluto, but will also trine Venus, promoting team spirit with less of a sense of competition and comparison than Pluto would normally have.

Friday - August 20th

Friday the Moon enters humanitarian Aquarius and conjuncts Saturn; ending the week with a more serious tone. Everyone will feel satisfied with a job well done or with a strengthened concern for the status quo.

~The Weekend~

August 21st & August 22nd -

Saturday Venus trines the North Node, creating a friendly shift for the karmic path of the collective.

Early morning Sunday, the Full Blue Moon will conjunct expansive Jupiter in the last degrees of Aquarius. The same day the Sun and Moon will bid a farewell to their current placements as the Moon enters dreamy Pisces and the Sun shifts into it's annual month long affair with the sign of Virgo.



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