Astrology Update for the Collective

Monday - August 2nd

The week begins with Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius squaring off to the Moon in Taurus. Jupiter is also in opposition to the planet Mars in the sign of Virgo. Optimism, passion, change, and courage are in the air.

Maybe you can sense it beneath the Sun and Mercury opposition to Saturn or Pluto in a quincunx aspect to Mars. Both of which point to more serious and obligatory tones.

Tuesday - August 3rd

The Moon has entered "Chatty Kathy" Gemini, and with the Sun conjunct planet Mercury you will notice there is an abundance of communication. Creativity flows from the planet Venus in the sign of Virgo when it trines the innovative Uranus in Taurus energy. Change is on the horizon and the details matter.

Wednesday - August 4th

Moon forms a quincunx to planet Pluto today, which draws in a lot of desire and intensity, people must be aware of their underlying emotional needs and insecurities as this aspect likes to take action.

Saturn will also trine the Moon, adding a quality of emotional maturity and devotion to the mix of intense collective energies.

Thursday - August 5th

The Moon has moved into the sign of Cancer, while Uranus squares off with the Sun in the sign of Leo. This is a great time to make changes around the home and to your personal status. Leo is all about being the center of attention and Uranus brings in a wave of valuable change to the persona. Changes bring rewards to the home.

Friday - August 6th

The Cancer Moon trines dreamy Pisces and brings things back to home. This is a great day to meditate and check in with yourself. Intuition may be stronger at this time as these two signs correspond to the element of water. Reflect on the things, people and places that you truly care about. What do you value? What does your heart say?

~The Weekend~

August 7th & August 8th -

Saturday the Moon enters the sign of "show stopping" Leo and by Sunday it joins the Sun and Mercury in a powerful New Moon.

This fuels and inspires the collective to be innovative as these planets are squaring Uranus, the planet of rebellion and change,

The New Moon also falls on the day of what is called the Lions Gate Portal, which is a time of the year when the star called "Sirius" is aligned with planet Earth. This cycle starts while our Sun is in the sign of Leo (the lion). It is said the energy is at its peak when the three stars of Orion’s belt align with the three pyramids at Giza, Egypt on August 8th (8/8).

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