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Astrology Update for the Collective

Monday - July 26th

Today the Moon is in dreamy Pisces conjunct Jupiter and makes an opposition to the planet Mars. This can mean big emotions but with Jupiter this is more on the enthusiastic side. Look for opportunities. However, with the expansive quality of Jupiter, it is hard to find the brakes.

Tuesday - July 27th

The Moon today is conjunct Neptune, drawing us toward more spiritual depth or delusion. It is time to check in and feel what is going on beneath the layers.

Mercury enters the sign of Leo and is in a quincunx aspect with Jupiter. This points to obligations created around communication. We must remain realistic about our resources and abilities as Jupiter's expansive nature makes thoughts and communication larger than life.

Wednesday - July 28th

The moon enters the sign of Aries and trines Mercury. Today is about action. Thoughts and communication are more active and in the process of manifesting,

Thursday - July 29th

The planet Mars is in an opposition to Jupiter. This is increasing our desires. We must ask ourselves, "Do we dare to care to win and reach our goals?" This is more of the expansive energy from earlier in the week. It may be hard to find the brakes. Intermediate meditative breaks are highly recommended during this time. Do not bite off more than you can chew.

Friday - July 30th

Today the Moon enters "Eat. Sleep. and repeat" Taurus! Our emotional needs are fulfilled by checking out from this super expansive "go get em' " week to do self care around our practical needs. We may just want to stay home and have a

"sit on the couch" day.

~The Weekend~

July 31st & August 1st -

Saturday the Moon conjuncts Uranus in the sign of Taurus and Squares Saturn. This looks like rebellious and changing energy in the collective because Uranus will unleash something unpredictable in the atmosphere while Saturn never fails to denote a more serious tone.

Sunday the Sun conjunct Mercury puts focus on thinking, communication, and travel. Delays are likely however due to the ongoing opposition to Saturn.



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