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Astrology Update for the Collective

Monday - July 12th

This week kicks off with some fun and carefree energy with the "It's all about me, let's have fun"- Leo Moon conjunct Mars and Venus! Mars and Venus will remain here while the Moon sets out on a mission for the rest of this week.

Mercury, the planet of communication has just entered the sign of watery, emotional Cancer and trines Jupiter in Pisces.

When Mercury and Jupiter are in a trine in these areas of the chart, it creates communication about home, expansion, and also psychic activity in general. This is a great week for communication in all areas of life!

The need to transform will be sparked with Mars in Leo making quincunx aspects to Pluto and Neptune.

Overall, this energy is focused on the need to "get ones shit together" and have a good time doing it.

Tuesday - July 13th

The Moon, has just entered the sign of "do-it-right" Virgo. Our emotions are now getting grounded into reality while we sort out the little details in life that make up the macrocosm of the situations we find ourselves in. The moon also creates a Sextile aspect to Mercury in Cancer. We can get a lot done around the home, or from the home.

Maybe it's time to clean out the clutter? Dust yourself off and try again? Or clean up our act and image in general.

Wednesday - July 14th

The Sun is in an Opposition to Pluto, and it has been for a few days now. Have you noticed that some people have been roaring their inner Ego's out to the world and raging on in this way? People are feeling power hungry and it's obvious! There is no need for an "us" vs. "them" attitude, this is all a reflection of a need to go within and handle the internal disputes going on. People however, are revealing themselves as Neptune in retrograde helps us to see past facades and illusions.

The Virgo Moon trines Pluto and Uranus, creating a wave of spontaneity.

Thursday - July 15th

The Moon has entered Libra and makes a Quincunx to Jupiter in Pisces. The collective may be wanting to balance the scales on this issue and that issue... But remember not to balance the scales until you get overwhelmed and flake out eventually. Jupiter adds expansion, optimism and luck to our lives. Harness this expansive energy by having integrity, ethics, and manners.

Friday - July 16th

The Sun Trines Neptune in The Sign of Pisces. No one will want to do much of anything but the Libra Moon is now in a Quincunx to Uranus which may cause some unusual activity.

~The Weekend~

July 17th & 18th -

The Suns opposition to Pluto and T-Square with the Moon on Saturday as well as the T-Square between Saturn, Uranus, and Scorpio Moon Sunday brings the intensity to a head. We are where we are with these key planets in fixed signs. And after a week of Pluto in Opposition to the Sun with hints of obligation, we must now sink into the depths of this Watery Scorpio Moon and take time to ourselves. The illusions are fading away. People are showing themselves. We know what makes us feel safe, let that be the feeling for this weekend. Personal safety and containment. <3

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