☆The moon moves into the sign of Leo on April 29, 2020 21:50 est☆

☆Energy Update☆

Tension heats up in the collective:

The receptive, emotional, and intuitive qualities of the collective is rooted in ones will to stand out and lead at this time. The fiery sign of Leo can make everyone a little bit touchy and over dramatic. There is a need for recognition and ones own sense of authority. The moon here is directly in opposition to the planets Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn conjunction. This opposition denotes the will of the people and the authoritarian structure coming into a power play. This opposition is between Leo, the fiery Lion king, and the Capricorn/Aquarius energy. Then there is a square between the Moon and Mercury conjunct Uranus. Mercury conjunct uranus is genius, radical, rebellious, and innovative communication and movement. We have to remember this because it wasn't always so true because astrology is such an ancient science ; but these planets represent technology as well. This could indicate technological breakthrough aside from communication and mental processes.

It is time to look at where you feel out of control in your life, and then who or what is leading those areas of your life. Regaining inner authority is the desire of the moon at this time. Change will occur and your will to act and lead is important.

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