Your Spirit Guides are always listening.

In general, they are asking you to simply notice what you desire and allow them to present to you, what it is that you would like to receive. Be open, aware, and willing to be pulled into resonance with all of the ways you could receive from our expansive universe.

Many times it has come to my awareness that I must change the lens through which I view the world so not only will I be able to recognize the opportunities of my heart’s desire, but it will not be clouded by the obscurity of my ego; that I will see what is mine, claim it and own it with my energetic frequency.

There may be days when people hold on to things in order to save what is, at the risk robbing themselves completely. On these days our guides are here as well. Teaching us to have already what is desired. For when we feel contentment, is when the power to manifest will wait on our word. Also on these days, when our ego resonates with a frequency of greed, contentment is rarely found.

Tips on how to manifest:

  1. Share items with those you love. While observing someone you love gain something from you, allow the vibrational frequency of receiving the other persons joy flow through you, as if you are a conduit for joy. (This is a remedy for greed and also fear of abandonment/hoarding issues)

  2. Feel into what you buy. Ask yourself each time you want to purchase something if it feels right intuitively.

  3. When you give, you will receive abundance in return 3 fold, usually in the form that you prefer (ex. Free coffee, more business, rewards, etc…)

  4. Hold off on spending when it doesn’t 'feel' right. Even if you are a few days late on a bill, your intuition still should to take precedence over logic and reasoning. When you’re committed to being in the flow of receiving as well as giving, everything happens in divine timing. Your guides may try to wave a red flag in your face when need be. This usually comes as a quiet feeling, thought, or simply show up as obstacles to taking an action of giving.

  5. When people offer you food or beverage, say yes. Practice saying “yes” to opportunities to receive. For many people, receiving simple gestures can bring up old wounds about personal value. Make sure to notice that people are happy to share and embrace that.

  6. It’s already yours, therefore you won’t feel much different when you have it than when you do now. Feel “complete” or “whole” by listening to calm music, doing yoga, or having gratitude toward your life. The only task you have is to follow your joy now and set yourself up for success.

  7. Set your self up for success by playing the part of what you desire. If it’s a new life, move to another place. More business, create more advertisements. Delicious food, explore your palate. Etc..

What you have is what you want and what you want is already yours.




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Photography by Jeffrey Edmonds

Photography by Jeffrey Edmonds

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