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Forced Ideals

There is so much going on in the world today and I am in a position to create content, share my views with those who seek my services and the products and services of those that I am affiliated with. The internet right now is so polarized with public opinion that this part is a little scary for me. I have always fought for the under dog and it seems like no matter which "side" you’re on, you are fighting for the under dog. There’s been an extremity of divisiveness that has been normalized in the media. All states of division come from the energy of a "forced ideal". A Forced Ideal happens when people are debating over a controversial topic and rather than, diving deep in to the story of someone elses perspective, we get mulled over by the past and all of the hurts and to no ones awareness, the way our past has manifested into itself is now sitting right before us, in the face of a stranger, causing division with a forced ideal, leaving no room for connection and compromise. Watch any news channel and you will know what I am talking about.

You can only reject or deny yourself in another person. If someone triggers you, it is likely because you don’t want to be near what you see in them that is triggering. The issue here only lies in the fact that people have learned, and have entirely identified themselves with specific behaviors. These behaviors were either "wrong" or "acceptable" during the stages of life that require socializiation and rarely were people taught how to compromise and connect. So, I personally try to not get ignited by behaviors that threaten my self identity.