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A New Kind Of World

I have been dreaming about a world lately. I don’t mean while I am asleep either. This is a world that sustains itself more spiritually than before. All spirituality is, is ones own personal connection to the energy around them that does not feel materialistic in nature. Could you imagine a world without materialism? What would that look like? To me it looks like people working jobs that are beneficial to them personally. Jobs that would make us feel like, “Yes! I always wanted to do this!” or “This makes me feel so much better.”

When I think of this, I can imagine some Shaman saying “What do you want Rose? What does that mean to you?”. Many spiritual mentors in South Florida are Shamans. Some have a way of taking everything that you say about the world and asking you turn it in on yourself, applying every belief you have to yourself. Sometimes this leaves a bad taste in my mouth especially if I am in a dark place and just need a safe container or the full presence and understanding of someone. My response would be, “To change the world.”

I rarely apply this type of mirroring to my clients, it feels like bullying whether it’s intended to or not. It’s not empowering to be asked to question everything that you’re thinking and saying. So many already are finding their way through that on their own.

I personally attune my energy to my clients while I work. I always begin by clearing my chakras outside and praying to the Archangels to help open up. When this happens I can feel my entire body shift and I invite the clients body into my own, just for a moment, to observe what they are currently going through. Often times this is when the spirit of deceased relatives or spiritual guides and animals step in. I also have experienced working with clients at a distance who are extra sensory as well. I have been told that when I do this, my spirit bi-locates because my energy is felt near who ever I am going to call or message.

So, when I take on someones perspective, I already know what they want. Even when a client says something that doesn’t work for them, my guides signal that and I immediately say, “HEY, your vibration got really low just now as you said that.” This awareness that I cause creates an immediate shift in energy. I am always met with validation when I don’t assum something will or will not work for them. I can just feel it and that is how I can help people find their way and connect to their own guidance; by letting each person know how I perceive the energy as it shifts from topic to topic.

I guess the best way to understand this is, to ask yourself to imagine having a twin. Someone who is hooked in to your energy and feels like they know what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, when something is wrong, and when there is a cause for celebration. Can you imagine the support and connectedness you’d feel if you had a twin sibling? This is also what the future will be like.



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