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Where Spiritual Growth Begins

The Vision

True Potentials

Butterfly Emporium

Align with your True Potentials by allowing me to be your spiritual container, which helps to connect your higher self (Source or God perspective) to your temporal self.

Heal, Grow Spiritually, Change your destiny, and achieve your dreams. <3

Contact Rose to book a session and learn more about your path through the eyes of a Psychic Coach and her unique approach to  Astrology.

Are you looking for another type of healing practitioner? Look no further than the Butterfly Emporium. Here, we provide clients with access to some of the best practitioners in their respective fields. Whether it's herbalism, womb work, or any other form of energy work, our practitioners are here to help you on your journey towards wellness and wellbeing. 

At the Butterfly Emporium we understand that everyone is different and therefore requires unique treatments tailored specifically for them. That’s why all our practitioners take time getting to know each client before beginning treatment so they can properly assess what will be most beneficial for them individually.

About Rose

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