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Where Spiritual Growth Begins

 Discover Your Spiritual Journey with Rose 

Are you on a quest for spiritual growth, seeking guidance from the cosmos, or looking to unlock the secrets of your inner self?

 Who is Rose? Rose is not your ordinary guide; she's a multi-talented spiritual practitioner:

  • Psychic Medium: With a deep connection to the spirit world, Rose can help you connect with your loved ones on the other side, offering comfort, closure, and guidance.


  • Certified Reiki Healer: Experience the soothing and transformative power of Reiki energy healing under Rose's caring touch. Restore balance, harmony, and vitality.

  •  Advanced Astrologer: Unlock the secrets of the cosmos with Rose's expertise in astrology. Your birth chart holds the key to your unique path and potential.

  • Your Trusted Companion: Rose Wood is your companion on this profound journey. She offers invaluable insights, healing energy, and cosmic wisdom to help you tap into your true potential.

Whether you seek clarity about your birth chart, a connection with the spirit world, or the transformative benefits of Reiki and Soul Retrieval energy healing, Rose has both the expertise and the heart to guide you.


With Rose by your side, your journey becomes a path of enlightenment and self-discovery.


Ready to start your transformation? 🌹











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The Vision

True Potentials

Butterfly Emporium

I was born on Planet Earth with the extraordinary gift of seeing people's past, present, and future, as well as discerning their incredible true potentials. 🌠

My heartfelt desire has always been to utilize my gifts to empower people, helping them recognize the boundless potential that resides within their souls. I am here to unveil what is truly possible and attainable in their lives, even when their present may be clouded by pain or uncertainty. It's a journey that often begins in childhood when we gaze at the world with curious wonder and hope.

With this vision in mind, I initiated the journey of True Potentials💞 Like any endeavor taking its first steps, I faced my fair share of professional challenges. I figured this would be the perfect name for my Astrology services, then I became well known for my psychic and mediumship abilities. From moments of pure life force energy to moments of tears, and even moments where I had to pinch myself in disbelief as this dream transformed into a vibrant reality.


As I guided individuals in discovering their potentials, I was simultaneously living out some of my own.

As my journey evolved, I made the choice to add "Spiritual Growth" to the end of the name. As I now firmly believe that the quest for one's true potentials, including uncharted desires, latent talents, and long-forgotten attributes, naturally leads to spiritual growth and self-discovery. 💝

In this transformative process, I employ an array of modalities to assist people in fully embodying what's innately theirs—those hidden true potentials. These modalities include:

🪐 Astrology

🌠 Soul Retrieval

🔮 Psychic and Energy Readings

💝 Messages from deceased loved ones

💎 Crystal and Reiki Healing

True Potentials Spiritual Growth LLC is dedicated to illuminating the path when it seems dimly lit. It's about revealing the potential that is waiting to be fulfilled, a future that is not only possible but within reach. ⠀

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey✨🙏🏼 If this mission resonates with you, and you're ready to explore your true potentials and steer your life's journey toward the path your soul yearns for, I'm here and eager to guide you🌠💝


You can schedule an appointment through my website or feel free to reach out with any thoughts or questions you'd like to discuss😊

Are you looking for another type of healing practitioner? Look no further than the Butterfly Emporium. Here, we provide clients with access to some of the best practitioners in their respective fields. Whether it's herbalism, womb work, or any other form of energy work, our practitioners are here to help you on your journey towards wellness and wellbeing. 

At the Butterfly Emporium we understand that everyone is different and therefore requires unique treatments tailored specifically for them. That’s why all our practitioners take time getting to know each client before beginning treatment so they can properly assess what will be most beneficial for them individually.

If you're a healing practitioner looking to join our vibrant community and be featured here, you're in luck! We're always open to collaborating with like-minded individuals who share our passion for holistic wellness. If you'd like to be part of the Butterfly Emporium, you can kickstart the application process by sending me an email.

As part of the application, we kindly ask that you offer your unique healing service, allowing us to experience and understand the value you can bring to our community. We're excited to welcome new practitioners and broaden the range of healing modalities we offer. Together, we can create a space where individuals can explore various approaches to wellness and personal growth.

So reach out, and let's embark on this healing journey together. Your contribution to the Butterfly Emporium can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those seeking balance, healing, and transformation. 🦋💖

About Rose



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